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3 years gone, new beginnings

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Three years ago I became so active in the guinea pig community. I helped Canadians via my care site, I was a moderator for a while on some forums, I had an online store making bedding and don't forget my youtube videos! Sadly years of work came to a fast halt. Firstly my marriage of may years ended, my ex husband tried to take half of everything, even my sewing company. I backed away from everything to get my life back together.

During that time I surrendered some of my guinea pigs back to the rescue I adopted them from. I rehomed my turtle and tried to move on with my life.

Sadly last year I suffered a complete mental break down, the results came back that I not only have chronic pain from a still undiagnosed cause, but I also suffer from OCD, Depression, serve Anxiety, Panic disorder and PTSD. Thankfully I had my partner David by my side and with his support and the support from all my followers (on youtube and my care site) I decided to come back. So to start out with how about the video I posted about the new cage I made the girls! Please note I did run out of coroplast so the additional loft area isn't up yet but will be soon.

For now I plan on posting videos and photos in the blog section here.

Oh and a piggie Update:
My current pigs are the following (minus David's boar moe):

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Alba is a crabby old lady who likes to make messes. We adopted her but her age is unknown, our vet feels at this time she is between 5-7 years old. We've had her almost three years. She is David's baby girl and pretty much tolerates me due to the food I bring.

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Molly is my love bug. She is the mom to Princess Peach, Pumpkin and Moe. Her story isn't a happy one but she's bounced back from those days, just as I have and we both enjoy better lives now. She is approximately 2 years old.

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Name:	IMG_5248.jpg 
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Princess Peach is techically David's piggie as we had planned on having just two babies. Sadly Moe (moehawk) popped a winky but David didn't want to give either up, so she stayed with us but I care for her unlike Moe, who has his daddy to thank for the most part. She is only a year old.

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Pumpkin is my BBA, Big Beautiful Abby. She is by far our loudest wheeker! She's a year old.

Well feel free to leave comments here or on youtube. Its really good to be sneaking my way back into the guinea pig community.

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  1. Piggienewbie510's Avatar
    Your piggies are so cute! Love their names.
  2. Yayakot's Avatar
    Your little piggies are very cute!
    Here's hoping you and your family have much brighter years to come.
  3. CupcakeCavy's Avatar
    Glad to see your back on a bright path! I totally get where you're coming from as someone with ADD OCD severe anxiety and depression. Not to mention a lifetime of pain from Un-diagnosed conditions! I'm so glad to see you moving on to bigger and better years!
  4. dirah93's Avatar
    Your piggies are absolutely adorable! I love their names. I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through some rough patches, but it's great that you're getting support from your partner. I also suffer from anxiety and's tough but my husband and boars are helping me get through it all as well. Glad to hear you're rejoining the guinea pig community!