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Chayna Renee

Does anyone else suffer from this?

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It has been two years that I have had depression and anxiety. It has gotten really bad here recently to the point O have been suicidal. I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has experienced these illnesses. I feel like I am all alone in this fight. But my guinea pigs make me feel a lot better when I have a bad day at school. ^.^ I just felt like I should post this question on the blogs since it is not about guinea pigs.

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  1. FiFi.Flowerscot's Avatar
    I have suffered from extreme anxiety for over 5 years.
    When I got my piggies it was the best thing I ever did as it gave me a reason to get up, be motivated and also helped with the OCD side of my anxiety.
    What is your anxiety like and what are your piggies like?
    FiFi - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  2. Chayna Renee's Avatar
    What is my anxiety like? Well I used to have panic attacks everyday but it has gotten a it better the past few weeks. My pigs are sweet. Even though they are skiddish they like being held after I catch them. They really do love me. I just think it is so cool that an animal like that can love a human or something that is not its species so much. I think it is astounding. I am glad I found someone though! There was a person that actually reported me to my school for posting this but everyone already knows so nothing happened. I understand where they are coming from though.
  3. FiFi.Flowerscot's Avatar
    Anxiety in any form is something to be discussed and not hidden, due to it not being physical people just dont understand. Panic attacks are the worst but be proud of yourself on your good days and enjoy them and when it's a bad day take it easy, dont force yourself to do stuff that you feel unabe to do, always speak to someone close even if its the piggies. My boys saved me and I make sure that they are treated all the time and no vet cost is to much, they are amazing, full of love and each with there own personality. Simba kisses me all the tme but also likes to tell me loads of stories, whilst Sammy is quieter but when he wants me he knows I'll give him kisses and cuddles which heg ives me kisses back.
    I find that when I dont sleep or eat well or am unwell is when my anxiety is at its worst or if someone is expecting someothing from me, rushing me for mo reason, at my worst ive been curled up on my bed in my jacket scared to leave the house to get on the bus. My friend text me the whole time and I played music also I have aromatherapy oil that is for anxiety and would smell it occassionally. I have routines now and as long as I follow them for public situations Im fine.
    It is manageabe and even something to beat depending on why your anxious but always believe you are not alone, even though everyones anxiety is unique people understand, never be frightened to talk, stay strong and keep smiling
    Love and huggles to you and your piggies, FiFi xx
  4. Chayna Renee's Avatar
    I am so glad there is someone on here like you. I have one question though. How old are you?
  5. Saylavi's Avatar
    I have both anxiety and depression. My guinea girls really help, but what helps the most is ignoring my instincts. Normal people subconsciously want to be healthy, want to be somewhat active, but my instincts tell me to avoid people and stay in bed for weeks at a time. Class is stressful, better skip it. Friends might secretly hate me, better avoid them. I slept too much and got a headache, better sleep it off.
    I do need to force myself to go to class, to wake up, to be social. It helps that the girls yell at me for veggies every morning. It helps that they need their laundry done, or else I might not do mine. They need veggies, so i need to food shop and not live off ramen.
    I went on a trip with my major for the past 3 days leaving my bf to care for them. I got home like 4am this morning and when I finally got up at 2 to feed the girls they saw me and started popcorning and freaking out. They were purring when I touched them and popcorning and ignoring their veggies to squeak at me. It felt really nice and gave me a lot of motivation. Now I'm baking a cake.
    i read something once "depression is the emotional equivalent of wet newspaper all the time, but with bursts of self loathing and spiraling pain for no reason." Now imagine that newspaper is also slowly burning from the corner. And you can't put it out. That's anxiety. It also comes with feelings of worthlessness, no fulfillment from anything. You don't wanna try because you KNOW whatever it is will turn out terrible, but if you don't try you fail automatically.
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  6. CreamCheese's Avatar
    I have chronic depression and have been suffering for 2 years now and have self harmed for 8 months. I hate when people tell me that it will get better because that isn't help my current state at all. I have been on anti-depression pills for a month now and it gets annoying. One more thing I have to remember :/ I really really recommend this sight, it's helped me soooo much;
  7. SillyMolly's Avatar
    I have Major Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. I'm 20 but I have been self-harmed since I was 11. I have been suicidal many times before like you have. I understand the feeling of wanting to quit and give up. But recently last year in June I got an amazing support system. I got my guinea pig Molly. Everytime I get suicidal I think about Molly and how much she needs me. She doesn't have anyone except for me to love her, and to feed and sheltered her in a nice warm loving home. So kudos to you hun, I'm glad you are still putting up a fight. Remember that your Guinea Pigs are there too, and they love you unconditionally because you took your time and gave them a loving home too. They are here to support you and give you love. Guinea Pigs can tell when their owners are suffering. Often times Molly becomes still and she purrs and purrs for me, and its her way of saying " Hey Mommy, I'm here"

    If you ever need to talk you can message me. You can do this!
  8. HollyLeaf's Avatar
    I don't have depression, but I do get anxiety sometimes, a lot more since my best friend of five years decided I wasn't good enough for her anymore. We were the closest of friends, I was closer to her than to my own boyfriend, who is my other half... Now every time I see her in passing or hear about her I feel like curling up in a corner and dying, the anxiety is so bad. Just the fact that she chose other cooler friends.. That's happened to me so many times it seems. But it seems like such a childish thing to do, not something an 18 year old would do. But even when I begged and cried for her to keep trying, she refused. It's been well over six months and I still hurt. I still am attacked by anxiety, and sometimes her lack of friendship and company makes me depressed. But I've noticed since I got my pigs in December, I've thought about it a whole lot less. My mind is preoccupied with thoughts of my girls and everything I want to give them. When I'm holding them and cuddling I don't think about anything else. They are healing my heart, slowly, but surely. Who needs a best friend when you have your ever loving pets and the most loyal boyfriend in the world? There's a reason I prefer my animals over people. They don't stress me out, not like people do.

    I know this blog is old, but I felt the need to share.
  9. Saylavi's Avatar
    I've been on both sides of those feelings, some people just change very quickly. Others decide to change but eventually revert back. Just remember to try and value yourself and look at things as her being the one to break it up, not you. Not your fault.
    And the good thing about piggies is that you're their human. It's a pure wholesome simple selfish love. It sounds like you need them as much as they need you, which is best I think.
  10. Nikkipig's Avatar
    I have severe social anxiety and depression. I am also very stressed. Between college and family drama, my guinea pigs are sometimes the only joy I experience in a day. They can make me smile when nothing else can.
  11. Tatyannalol's Avatar
    I have clinical depression and anxiety, ever since I got my piggies they help me during attacks and sometimes before; helping prevent them. Getting my guinea pigs was a random act, but one of the best things I've ever done. I never knew what a positive impact they would have upon my mental illnesses. Just know you are not alone in this fight!
  12. skrilllexi's Avatar
    I have both anxiety and depression. Whenever I'm upset and I'm home, I immediately leave to my room. My Guinea pigs are located in my room so i can easily access them
  13. pacoandmuenez's Avatar
    I have depression and anxiety as well. Sometimes, I get so depressed that I don't want to move, and won't clean my piggies' cage for hours. They can make me really happy, and they're usually my go-to when feeling the way I do.