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Introducing Pearl

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In the wake of Spuds' passing, I adopted a new companion for Mable. She had been surrendered to petco as the girl that had owned her didn't want to take care of her any more. They said that her name was Daisy and that she was 6 months old. I renamed her Pearl and figure she's definitely older than 1 year; she has adult nails, weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces, and has cataracts.

I was afraid that when I got her, it would feel like I was replacing Spuds. She looks so much like him, but I realized that no one can ever take his place. She's a lot like him in personality, too; she's sassy, wheeks for food, and tries to knock my computer off my lap, just like Spuds. I'm so glad I was able to rescue her

But for as big as she is, she's a cuddly teddy bear and has let Mable be the boss. Have a look

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  1. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    Cute!!! You can never replace the ones you have lost. I have done this before, my story is on the blog so long if your interested. They will always hold a place in your heart no other pet can replace them. Thank you for giving her a loving home. So cheeky she is....
  2. GuineaPiggies7's Avatar
    She is so adorable! Too cute! Hope she fits in well with the fam!
  3. FiFi.Flowerscot's Avatar
    gorgous ...... they each have there own personality so you are never replacing, so glad you managed to give her a nice home and that sje reminds you of Spud x