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Amanda Marie

The hurt I feel about all the pigs I find needing homes.

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Ugh, Does anyone else hate finding pigs on craigslist and things with their sad circumstances? It makes me want to rescue all of them and take care of them. Some posts make me so angry and others utterly break me, There is a person selling guinea pigs as a food option for dogs for the "raw food diet"... There are like 12 on the post and it hurts so much that people do this...... Also seeing guinea pigs being thrown out due to them buying them on impulse and ending up realizing that they don't want them. or the fact that their kids have "grown distance or lost interest" ugh is so frustrating. I am a college student and no matter what i do i have the time to care for my boys. I don't know, i recently found a pig post of an adorable long haired teddy, IDK if that's the breed but he is adorable and i feel that he will probably go to a kid and its so heart breaking i want him so bad, but its just a want to help them. I will be graduating college soon and hopefully starting my career doing HR work for a insurance company. One of my life goals as my passion is animals is to start a guinea pig rescue and help those on craigslist. I really hope that this little guy and all the others in my area find goof homes..... Does anyone else hate this as much as i do?

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  1. SquigglyPigs's Avatar
    Yes!! I also hope to someday have a guinea pig rescue. I need to stop looking at Craigslist because it just makes me sad. People need to realize that animals are not toys that you can get rid of when you're bored or sick of caring for them. I can't wait until I purchase a house to rescue even a few of the poor piggies being mistreated.
    That's just horrible about the guinea pigs being dog food. I've never seen any posts as horrible as that on Craigslist, but there are lots of backyard breeders. I contacted one lady about these beautiful pigs she had and she said that her daughter bred them for a science project at school. Crazy!
  2. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    Yeah, i just went back on craigslist like 2 minutes ago and found a Peruvian and another one, ugh I'm so gutted i want them all... A science project? that's irresponsible. Ugh i need to just hurry up and graduate and start a rescue once i get the money!!!!!!!! The frustration.
  3. mdodge's Avatar
    Our problem lies with our society. we live in a time now we're theirs no responsibility for our actions.everything seems to be expendable and we don't have to be held accountable for it.theirs always some one to blame our society says but not the individual. from families down to pets it's ok to try them but if you don't like it throw it away and try something else. until we change as a society and can look at ourselves in a mirror and realize our mistakes and change ourselves the abuse and non caring will continue.
  4. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    I totally agree with you @mdodge. I am a sociology major in College and what you said is related to my major. Society is the problem, but like society change is also the hardest thing to break within a society. Though i know that this will never be resolved i still hold out hope that one day i will do my part.
  5. BaconAndEggs's Avatar
    I understand. I saw a post on craigslist that said "Our daughter's farm breeding project worked a little too well, and...". I literally had to stop myself from contacting that person and giving them a piece of my mind.
  6. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    Right now here in Oregon since its summer and kids are "too busy" for their pigs there are so many, i counted 4 in one town, 5 in another, and 6 in another ugh, i want them to be happy and go to good homes. its so frustrating . Many posts are just ridiculous and i know that some people are going through hard times and have to give them up, but i think that they should do their research or take then to the brand new guinea pig rescue, its the first one in Oregon ever, and i just get so upset that people just don't realize that they are not for kids nor are they like dogs they live a while 5-8 years and they need special care and ugh i could go on for hours, and i recently found a post for a female skinny pig she shows them and can't use her. ugh.
  7. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    I am literally freaking mad right now so upset and sad and all of the feelings i can feel at this moment. I just found a craigslist post with 4 guinea pigs 2 males and 2 females. One female is in a cage that is barely big enough to turn around in!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry and sad. if i could i would save them, they are $1 isn't that just ugh!!!!1 i will share the link so if anyone knows someone in the area to help them it would be nice,, as i can't and the nearest rescue in over 1 hour away.. ugh..
  8. Lady Amelia's Avatar
    I am constantly cruising cragistlist even though I now have 5 piggies and can't take on any more. A few times I've been able to pass on useful info to prospective future piggy owners posting want ads. Ive directed them toward this site and others as well as a few tidbits such as cage requirements and unsuitable pellet ingredients. I know we can't save the world but sharing info can be quite satisfying. I feel your pain!
  9. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    Yeah @LadyAmelia its so hard.... I got to stop looking though. But I am on the search for a large dog playpen for my rabbit ugh the stress.. I can't help but to look ya know....