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Meddlesome Parents...

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My new pigs are settling in pretty well, but breaking their bad habit of bar-chewing is not going well. They have pretty much figured out that bar-chewing only makes me come over and pet them or pick them up, which they aren't the biggest fans of, but they know something else: My parents are not me. They will hand out cilantro and carrots to whiny, bitey pigs. It's really frustrating, especially since now I have no idea how many vegetables the pigs are eating anymore. I tell my parents to ignore them, and only ONE carrot per pig per day, but they don't listen. It's like they're grandparents giving my kids candy and leaving me to deal with bad behaviors and upset tummies.

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  1. guineapiggiess's Avatar
    Just be stern with them and explain that if they keep doing what they're doing there's gonna be some problems with their health and that your parents will have to pay the vet bills for not listening to you. If they stay in your room just shut the door and put up a sign saying Leave guinea pigs alone or something like that. I hope this was helpful and good luck!!
  2. Cavyqueen215's Avatar
    Plz help me how do I blog?
  3. CutsieCavies's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cavyqueen215
    Plz help me how do I blog?
    @Cavyqueen215 You have to be a cavy slave, meaning you have to wait 30 days after you have first signed up
  4. kaysers428's Avatar
    UGH! same problem with my pig. I get her so many different chews. She still starts chewing on the bars. At night she will have spurts of chewing and sleeping then chewing and sleeping. the only way to shut her up is with lettuce. so I feed her the dark greens.