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Nail Clipping and Coroplast Biting

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My two new piggies are horrible little coroplast munchers! They've figured out what times of the day they can expect vegetables and if they don't get them fast they try to chew their way out of the cage. I bought something to cover the edges of the coro with, and it works really well... the parts I've been able to force on so far, anyway. Maybe this plastic is a little too heavy duty.

Today I also clipped the new girls' nails for the first time. I noticed both girls have calluses on their feet. Maybe from whatever bedding their old owner used? Lilly's nails were pretty good, so I think she must chew on them herself like Zelda and Peach do. Poor Rose has long, thick nails though. Her toes look like they sit sideways a bit because of it. Despite being the most well-behaved pig I have, she didn't seem to enjoy nail clipping and started biting the towel I had on my lap so I only cut her front nails and will try the back ones some other time.

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  1. ClicknCavy's Avatar
    Your new piggies sound like fun!