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Cages Are DONE!

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I got up at around 8:30 this morning, and by 1 p.m. I finished my new cages!
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The girls are all super confused and keep running and hiding whenever they hear the other pigs moving on the other level, but soon I think they will be happier in these spacious cages! My only issue with them so far is the amount of Carefresh bedding I have to put in them. My 2X4 cage used about half a bag of bedding, but somehow these 2X5 cages take 3/4 of a bag each (That's $30 per full cage clean)! Definitely thinking about trying fleece again.

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  1. LifeAsItMayBe's Avatar
    Video up now on Youtube!
  2. PeanutnCookie's Avatar
    Love them! Where did you get the multi colored hideys on the bottom cage?
  3. LifeAsItMayBe's Avatar
    @PeanutnCookie I ordered them online:

    I leave the block on the end off so they can run through them if they want. The other girls are waiting on some new hideys, I *think* my aunt was going to look for footstools for me this afternoon.
  4. PeanutnCookie's Avatar
    Oh cool thanks!
  5. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    Love this, mine is somewhat the same but my rabbit is on the bottom
  6. Amanda Marie's Avatar
    Oh how do you get it so sturdy without middle supports, i have 3 middle supports as the weight of the cage makes it unstable?????
  7. CassiesCavy's Avatar
    This looks amazing! I really like the amazon box hut. Recycling makes the world go round! I recommend trying fleece again.
  8. FiFi.Flowerscot's Avatar
    I use fleeces and soft dish towels as well as fluffy tunnels and turning fleece cat tunnels into snugs (i bought hand fleeceywindow cleaners that are great for wrapping a towel round to make a great bed in a snug or house), my boys love it especially when I turn the towels over the next day or replace the soft towels on the 3rd day, they pop and roll around