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Training Hershey: Part 2 (Plus, Bonus Song!)

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Today is day 16 of training my little piggy, and I couldn't be more proud!

After about a week of little to no progress, I think it has clicked. She will now stand on her hind legs about 25% of the time... ON COMMAND. Without any food bribes, hand gestures, etc. Just the word. I'm so happy! Of course, there won't be 100% success in the beginning, but we're getting there.

I think a key element is the environment. Up until a few days ago, I had been holding training sessions in the kitchen. She was wary and scared, and would always run for cover in the middle of a session. But I recently started holding them in her cage, and she has shown SOOO much progress!

To show how proud of her I am, I wrote her a song.

And it goes like this.

The main part of the chorus is 4 beats per line, 1 beat per word except Hershey Kiss, which is 2 per word

You're an ornery little stinker
Who popcorns, burrows, and chews
You're always getting on my nerves
And the nerves of Scarlet too

But even thought you're a pain in the butt
A headache times two
I just thought that you should know
I'll always be proud of you



O-Oh Hershey Kiss
I'm so proud of
Hershey Kiss
I'm so proud of
Hershey Kiss
I'm so proud of youuuuuuu-uuuuu.

Repeat 1x, trail off.

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