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A lot of things happened while i was gone

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It's been a while since i was active on this site.
I've been very busy and a lot of things happened. I've now got a job. Sort of. I volunteer at the mental hospital. There's a kennel for the animalsof the clients. I take care of them with other people. There are a lot of animals in the shelter. Some just live there and others have an owner. For instance: there's a "house cat" named Smeagle. He just walked to the shelter one day and everyone tried really hard to find the owner, but they weren't successful. Now he lives there and let me tell you, he's the most spoiled cat i've ever seen. There are other animals too: birds, fish, other cats, chinchillas, rabbits, a bearded dragon, dogs and A LOT OF FREAKING GUINEA PIGS! The guinea pigs have a big room where they can run and play. Every time i see them i want to take them all home. They're so cute. Anyway, this is a big step. I never thought i'd be able to work with my social anxiety. I want to take it to the next level soon and get a paid job too.
The piggies are doing fine. Bubblegum is getting huge though. I don't know how, because they both eat the same amount and Marceline could gain some weight in my opinion. Some of you know their backstory(if you don't just check my page) so i'll probably get them checked at the vet soon. Just to be sure.
I'm probably forgetting a lot of things to tell, but i just don't know where to begin and what to tell. I'll probably write another blog if i remember something.

Thanks for reading

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