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We've been spying on the pigs

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My husband installed a webcam on the cage and made it work as a night vision camera. It also has a motion sensor and captures videos when the pigs move around. They are really active after lights out!

I've posted some videos to YouTube.

Cookie Running Laps

Oreo and Rocky Popcorning

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  1. Hawise's Avatar
    Awww, so cute!
  2. blackarrow's Avatar
    Very cute! Not having any long haired pigs myself I'd never seen one popcorn, funny how their fur flies around!

    Funny also how Cookie flops down at the very end like (he? she's?) just wiped out after all that running.
  3. twiztedlilfae's Avatar
    awwww absolutely adorable. my babies love to popcorn all the time.
  4. Tessa Bea's Avatar
    That's adorable! I've been thinking about installing a guinea pig cam myself, my pigs are pretty lazy when I'm around- I want to make sure that they're getting enough exercise.
  5. Peggysu's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! I love piggie videos. My boyfriend has been wanting to do this with the girls and see what they are up to when we aren't around.
  6. lissie's Avatar
    Thanks everyone We really enjoy watching the captured videos. My new hobby is to scan through all the captured files, and that's a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by blackarrow
    Funny also how Cookie flops down at the very end like (he? she's?) just wiped out after all that running.
    All my pigs are boys. I know, Cookie is not a very manly name. That's what I get for letting my daughter name the pigs.
  7. NicholsS10's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this! It put a huge smile on face! I LOVE watching pigs run laps and popcorn!
  8. piggiecrazy's Avatar
    I love when they run laps. I was just watching one of my boys running his and I wish I could have recorded it.
    It made me giggle to watch Oreo and Rocky popcorning. I love how Rocky's hair flies around. It is just too cute.
  9. distancel's Avatar
    Aw those are so cute, i want a camera for my piggies now hehe with night vision!
  10. xoLauraox09's Avatar
    Awh so cute!
  11. animallover2424's Avatar
    That is so cute! I love guinea pig videos! = )