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Being a reptile owner does NOT make me evil.

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Those of you who know me well know that among our other well-loved pets, we are "keeper" to three beautiful pet snakes. Bathsheba (a kenyan sand boa), Erma (a ball python) and Rose (a Colombian Red Tailed Boa Constrictor) were all rescues, just like most of our pets. All came to us with health and socialization issues that were the result of abuse and/or neglect. All 3 required vet work to regain their health.

Snakes are not for everyone, and while I'd agree than in a perfect world, such species would live their lives as nature intended, in the wild, these 3 were born in captivity. There is no place for them in the wild, so it falls to us to provide the best care we can for them.

I am sick of hearing people suggest that you can't be a good reptile owner and a good "small and furry" owner at the same time. I am sick of being met with suspicion, because having snakes as pets must surely mean I intend to one day feed my guinea pigs to them.

ALL my snakes eat frozen/thawed rats. That was true even when I HAD pet rats. That is what is healthiest for the snakes, and the most humane option for their prey.

Sure, a lot of reptile owners aren't like me. But a LOT of small and furry owners aren't like most of us here (small cages, no veggies, no hay, etc).

Remember that.

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  1. wigglesgiggles1's Avatar
    I am well aware and can easily tell that you take awesome care of all of your pets. The people are irresponsible who feed their snakes their guinea pigs.
  2. Res Judicata's Avatar
    I could never quite wrap my brain around that. OK -- keeping your small, furry pet in an inadequate environment. Not OK -- taking great care of a reptile. *shakes head* I do not understand people.
  3. blackarrow's Avatar
    I find it weird that it should even come up. Are you talking about "real life" people, or "internet" people, or both? I've seen your cage photos and can't really feature who would think that was all for show!
  4. ferndalezoo's Avatar
    It's implied so often. "Charge a big rehoming fee to discourage reptile owners". Believe it or not, MOST snake keepers are very picky about what they feed their animals, just as we are about what pellets/hay/veggies go into our guinea pigs. We're NOT out trolling Craigslist looking for free kittens to feed our snakes. We are, for the most part, loving pet owners who want only the best for our animals. ALL of them.
  5. blackarrow's Avatar
    Oh, I thought you meant people meant it about you, personally.
  6. Res Judicata's Avatar
    Wouldn't you just love to tell these people they would not have to worry about their cute little kitten being eaten by snakes if they bothered to keep their cats from breeding? Duh!

    Ok, I am in a mood this week.
  7. twiztedlilfae's Avatar
    I totally agree with you Ferndale! I love all creatures and I see nothing wrong with owning snakes AND small furry creatures! Aslong as you keep both away from each other there is no problem! I have always loved snakes and I think they are beautiful creatures. How can people tell you that you should let your snake go in the wild when it's bred in captivity. That's like saying to let your guinea pig go in the wild. Just know you're not the only furry animal lover that loves snakes. I want one SO bad. But right now I don't have the money for one or the space. Maybe when I'm older and can afford a cage and to buy frozen mice and don't have to deal with roommates I can have my own . I'll be sure to rescue too. I always feel bad seeing them in petstores, I usually go up and tell 'em they're beautiful.

    Everyone I know though says they wouldn't come to my place if I had a snake. Oh well, that's fine I can enjoy the company of my animals.
  8. distancel's Avatar
    I have nothing against snake owners. I quite like snakes although I wouldn't have one myself. I only have a problem with the snake owners who feed their snakes live food. I have known a lot of them and when I was horrified and asked why they didn't feed them the frozen ones that you can buy and defrost, they all gave similar answers to the effect that it was more 'natural' and that snakes want to 'hunt' for their food. Which just seems absolutely ludicrous to me. It's not natural or hunting to feed a snake in an enclosure a live animal. That small animal has no hope of getting away, not like it would in the wild. How pointlessly cruel!
    But yeah, I know not all snake owners do that.