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Miss Formosa's Fun with Pigs

Anyone wanna join CHAOS?

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I was messing around with an acronym generator today and entered the word "cavy". Here's what it came up with:

"CHAOS - Cavy Hedonists Against Ordered Society"

I love it!

The generator can be found here...
The Surrealist - Surreal Web Toys and Games

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  1. MissSofi's Avatar
    That would be a Piggy alright!...well mine anyways
  2. MissFormosa's Avatar
    Mine too! My boars are so silly. We put little pillows in the cages thinking they would rest on them. Well, they do, but they also do other things to the pillows...eww!
  3. MissSofi's Avatar
    Well how eles are those boys going to spice up their lives ?
  4. sdpiggylvr's Avatar
    I got the CCIIF - Cavy-Crazy Interactive International Force. Sort of makes sense . . .
  5. MissFormosa's Avatar
    That's funny!