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Very Satisfying!

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Well, gang, I have to say, I'm very happy with the new forum. This upgrade came at the expense of me finding some new work, as I'm not working right now, due to a contract ending. It took me over a week of full-time effort to get this where I wanted it to be. Just last night I finished the new Google/Yahoo automatic sitemap and submissions. Over 800,000 urls are now being indexed on the search engines! Whoohoo.

And I'm soooo tired of the hits we get by a few people saying we're an unfriendly forum. It's always exaggerated, but it's time to turn that around. I think all the social functions of the forum will help. Also, I hope this recent post of mine will help set the tone that I'd like to see from the members.

There are still a few new things coming, like a list for members of all banned folks and the reason why, so that we can stop maintaining the banned members thread. It's a list you can pull automatically for yourself.

I'd like to see the social networking things pick up and take off over time.

I have a few more things planned as well.

Also, I've made some changes to the benefits for Cavy Champions and Cavy Stars, but just haven't had the energy to document them yet.

And as soon as I get some time to get some real work done and get caught up on other things, I'll be working on the main site itself, with big changes coming there--finally!


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  1. theresaj's Avatar
    Hi, Teresa. I don't understand the complaints that it's not a friendly forum here at all. I've made my mistakes and people here were completely willing to help me improve things for the good of my fur boy. I know he's happy and healthy and it makes me happy as well.
  2. BubuCandyBlue's Avatar
    Oh can't wait for all changes to be done. Congrats on the excellent job you've done!
  3. Peggysu's Avatar
    I thoroughly enjoy this site and now the new layout. It's a great tool and it's been such a nice learning experience.

    Thanks for all the work you do!
  4. Noodles's Avatar
    I think that at times, some members come off a bit abrasive when giving advice, but overall, it's meant to be constructive and serves the purpose of helping others. I for one have found this site to be extremely helpful and 99% of people are very polite and constructive.
  5. pigsmakemesmile's Avatar
    God Bless for all the hard work you've done. It's wonderful!!!
  6. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    I love this forum. I have learned so much since I have found this site. I hope to learn much more.
  7. Oliversnana's Avatar
    I love this site! Thank you for making it all possible!
    Thank you for all the hard work you have obviously done to make it all possible! I have learned so much and continue to every time I log onto this site.
    (and I was only checking out info about my daughter's choice of high school FFA projects) I have now dedicated my life to making Oliver's life not only happy but healthy!
    He in return makes mine the same and so much more!
    Again, , Thank you
  8. suzilovespiggie's Avatar
    Love it! But being me and not so computor savoy don't know how to use it all yet, but I will learn.
    Keep up the wonderful work and wonderful website.
  9. Teresa's Avatar
    Hey Alter-Ego!
    Just testing a blog post notification for myself!