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I finally got a job!

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So some of you may know my story. I'm a recent college graduate who has been spending hours after hours searching for a job in a market that is not newbie friendly. I took a hiatus from fun things like this forum when I started to get stressed about finding a job, But today out of the blue someone called to say that if I could come in they would give me a job.
What do you know! I went in and sure enough I start next week!
That means in another month or two I can finally put guinea pigs in the large guinea pig cage I built. (2X6 cc cage on top of a 2X6 cc cage)

I still need to cat proof the cage and then I will post some pictures to share the upgraded cage.

I am so glad I finally got a job! It's exciting and now that my stress level went way down it means that I will be around on a daily basis again.

So, I'm back!

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  1. blackarrow's Avatar
  2. Seonta's Avatar
    Thank you a lot.
  3. Tessa Bea's Avatar
    Congrats! I know the market's rough these days. I hope it's a job you'll enjoy!