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Trying out this Blog thing.. A Little About Tehdoc

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Well, to be honest I use to do this all the time. Me and three of my friends even learned some minor webpage HTML to code our own blogs to make them look all fancyfied. Well I guess lets start with the Basics Majors that aren't harmful to say on the internet:

My Name is Jon (no H, how all the cool kids do it these days), and I'm a Nerd. Now, when I say nerd.. I don't just mean like.. whoo Star Wars or yippie Star Trek. I mean full out, Nerd. I like and know it all. Books, Movies, Tv, Video Games. I'm a well of odd random information on all things nerdy. My Two biggest passions are Star Wars and Doctor Who. When I say passion, I don't just mean with watching it either. I know all the characters, who played them etc. I read the books, fan fiction, comics. Watch cast interviews, cast journals. Everything to keep up with whats going on. I know everything about what goes on in those whos and beyond. MMMMMMM... soo good. Second passion besides those too is the Dune Saga started by Frank Herbert and being continued by his Son Brian, Its absolutly fantastic.

I suppose Some seconday things are: I'm married to a wonder women for a little over a year now, A year and five months I believe. I'm a Senior in College Studing Criminal Justice and I work full time.

Did I mention I love Star Wars and Doctor Who. I'm a Jedi Time Lord At Heart

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  1. BubuCandyBlue's Avatar
    Well I'm married to a nerd and I know all about that. I am a little nerd too :P and proud of it. Mmm Criminal Justice? Sounds very interesting!
  2. dra&pigs's Avatar
    Haha, Jon with no H. I know a kid who does that, but he's Puerto Rican. I'm a bit of a nerd myself, paticularly a book nerd. I looooove books. <3 <3
  3. tehdoc809's Avatar
    Criminal Justice is pretty neat. Although I'm extremely liberal and the vast... vast Majority of the people in that major are a little right winged, if you get my meaning. So I end up getting irritated at most of the class discussions. But the material itself is interesting.