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Last night we did intros once again. This is our third attempt. Lola is still being a brat about the whole thing, but at least she wasn't running around with tufts of Doc's fur hanging out of her mouth this time. They're bickering at each other and she did jump on him once in the floor time area, but no blood was drawn and it wasn't as savage as last time, so I let it go. He's still scared from the last two attempts and being somewhat whiney, but I stood my ground.

After a few hours in the floor time pen without fur flying, I cleaned out both cages and took down the shared grid so that both cages are now connected. Lola did attack him just as I was getting ready to head to bed (figures) but again, no fur in her mouth and no blood so I went to bed. The cage was still standing this morning and while they aren't living in harmony, I'm leaving them to sort it out on their own. It took 2 weeks for the noise and occasional "attacks" to stop when we introduced Lola so hopefully we'll have relative peace soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Rnd210's Avatar
    Hopefully things work out this time.
  2. Rnd210's Avatar
    How are things going today? I hope things have settled down among all of them.
  3. fieryone's Avatar
    Lola is being awful! They're still together but she is harassing him and he does have a little spot on his lip about the same size as a little tooth *sigh* and he's so upset. But still no blood has been drawn so I'm still leaving them to sort it out. It's so hard to watch and listen to.
  4. Rnd210's Avatar
    Well maybe things will get better soon and they will get their differences sorted. It sounds like things are going better this time then the last few times.