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Getting my first C&C cage!

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So I'm finally getting a new C&C cage. Its going to be a 2x5 and here are the features:
A 2x5
A 1x 1/2 eating area/kitchen
And then maybe a hay loft!

I'm excited but I can't decide between Light blue or Blue Coroplast? Any help apperciated!

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  1. barbanderson's Avatar
    Go through the photo galleries here in cages and you will be surprised what you find in color schemes. I was going for an alternating black and white grid/white coraplast theme til I saw this navy blue coro and fell in love with it. Now I am having trouble finding BLACK grids I want for it so may go with silver grids cause I saw that in the photo gallery too. Go through the photo galleries you will NOT be disappointed. Incredible color schemes/themes in those.
  2. IluvePiggies's Avatar
    Well, I think I am going with blue but I really want to know what it looks like. Thanks!
  3. barbanderson's Avatar
    If you really want to know what any color of coroplast looks like, you WILL find it in the photo galleries of cages trust me. I can't BELIEVE how GORGEOUS some, heck most of these cages ARE!!!! And once I saw that navy blue one I was hooked so I am glad you have found your color too and it can't hurt to hit the photo galleries to see what your choice looks LIKE I did and I didn't like the black and white alternating grids after all so I decided on a navy blue with BLACK grids if I can locate those. If not, I am going with silver grids and navy coroplast and I thank God for these photo galleries. Some unbelievably beautiful cages people made/make and I am honored they share them with us all. THANK YOU EVERYBODY