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Another Job interview

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okay, so last week I had a job interview. I didn't hear back from them yet but there's still time.
Today I had another job interview. She sounded a little disinterested but maybe she was just distracted by something. I don't know, she said I would hear back for her by Thursday regarding a second interview (telling me if I earn one or not). Apparently I'm underqualified for the job in her opinion (babysitting... with light housekeeping duties.) I don't know why though... she only has one child and he's six months old, I've watched two newborns who were only a week apart for as many months and then watched single children that age. Of course those jobs were only once a week.
She said she'd contact my references... guess that's the best I can hope for for now. In the mean time my nearly completed guinea pig cage lies empty.

okay, so I'm supposed to hear back from this lady tomorrow... I really hope I do.

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  1. Jenni_Feathers's Avatar
    Goodluck *fingers crossed!*
  2. Seonta's Avatar
    They didn't call me back like they were supposed to- not that I'm surprised... at all. It's back to job searching this weekend. I'm going to broaden my scopes a little so to speak and try to just apply for every full time job in an hour's radius from my house... it's an annoying thing to have to do but right now "beggars can't be choosers"... and I am getting really close to begging.
  3. wheekers01's Avatar
    Aww! I'm sorry things haven't been working out for ya! I'm sure something will come along...just like my pig adopting searching....*sighs*...Good Luck!