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R.I.P. Sandy, you will be missed

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One of our rescues recently passed away. It pains me to say that she would have been one heck of a pig for the kids. She was very laid back. She died out of old age stress. I hate to look out side and see the shells where she's burried. R.I.P. Sandy. I hope you enjoy your dandilion greens on your way over the rainbow bridge.

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  1. Ibbet's Avatar
    I'm very sorry for your loss.
  2. CavyGarden's Avatar
    Thanks, I appretiate it.
  3. iPiggy's Avatar
    So sorry for your loss. RIP
  4. Wheekie's Avatar
    So sorry for your loss. It never gets easy! But Rainbow Bridge is a GREAT place! Sounds like she had a good life, with lots of love. RIP, Sweet Sandy!
  5. NicholsS10's Avatar
    RIP Sandy... At least she lived out the end of her life in a place that took care of her properly, truly cared for her, and loved her...