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Job Interview Tomorrow

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Okay so I posted about me needing a job, which is very important. I need one for bills and for being able to keep guinea pigs.
It's a one year job... so I will probably wait to get the guinea pigs till I receive a more stable job- but for right now I can't be picky.
It's a job helping out a woman who is pregnant with triplets.
So keep me in your thoughts/ prayers and wish me luck please.

My best bet will be to finished getting licensed in social work while I am working in this job- then I can get a stable job and finally get two or three (read three or four) Guinea pigs.

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  1. SheriMartini's Avatar
    Good luck! I know how difficult it is to find a job these days! I was off work for six months after getting laid off. I only found a job two weeks ago, and it's also temporary (through November).

    I hope you get the job! I'll keep ya in my thoughs!
  2. wheekers01's Avatar
    That is a cool job!! Good Luck!!
  3. Seonta's Avatar
    update: had my job interview today, the woman was really nice. The job is supposed to start at 10$ an hour until the triplets are born then it's supposed to increase. I really hope she considers hiring me as I need a temporary job until I'm licensed. I'll be back to job hunting tonight just in case.