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The doc is getting in shape for the ladies!

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Our new pig, Dr. Oliver Fenway Zaius (don't ask) wasn't taken care of all that well for his 2.5 years with his former family. Fed huge quantities of crappy pellets, occasional hay, carrots, and probably not much else. He was in one of those awful Super Pet cages and didn't get any exercise. He was a pretty flabby 3lbs 4.8 ozs when he came to live with us on July 9th

He is now in a 2x3 quarantine/pre-neuter cage (was 2x4 but we had to move him and thus change the size of the cage) so he's getting exercise and eating a balanced diet instead of just junky pellets. I'm happy to report that our dude's fur is in better condition and he has been losing weight like we figured he would with (finally) a healthy diet and some exercise. After 5 days he weighed 3lbs 3.6ozs and yesterday he weighed 3lbs 2.4 ozs. He's moving better and has started to run a little bit instead of waddle and lumber around. He doesn't run fast like the girls, but it's a far cry from the way he was moving before. He just seems like an all around happier, healthier pig and we're just loving this guy to death!

So for anyone who doesn't think that a bigger cage and quality food makes a difference, this guy is proof positive. It makes a huge difference. Quickly!

He goes in for his neuter on Thursday.

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  1. Peggysu's Avatar
    How sweet! Good luck with the neuter, hope all goes well.
  2. NicholsS10's Avatar
    I'm so happy to hear that he is doing better! I've been following his story since you posted your first thread about him, and was hoping that he would improve soon. It sounds like he is doing wonderfully, and I'm happy to hear that he can do more than "waddle" now! Good luck with the neuter! I know I was a nervous wreck when my boy was neutered, so I'll be keeping your fella in my thoughts on thursday, please let us know how it goes!
  3. fieryone's Avatar
    I know that I'll be a nervous wreck when I drop him off for his neuter Wednesday night! But at least I can take some comfort in the fact that he's healthier now than he was so hopefully I can worry a little bit less. We'll all be a wreck if anything happens to him. (happy thoughts, happy thoughts!)

    Yesterday my husband said he did an "almost popcorn". I couldn't believe it because he's still a big guy. But tonight when I just gave him his veggies, I saw it too. It was so funny. He does the turn without getting much height, but it's still much more than he could have done 10 days ago!
  4. Peggysu's Avatar
    How sweet. I was a nervous wreck when I dropped Sebastian off that morning. I was next to the phone all day. I had him in his carrier with his hay when I dropped him off and when I picked him up he was in the carrier eating his hay.
  5. Skeetersmom's Avatar
    I finally weighed Bob yesterday and he is 3 lbs even. He is a little hefty LOL! Good luck with his neuter!
  6. horsiecutie's Avatar
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