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Loving my new guy!

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Our new pig really is blowing me away! He is the sweetest thing and so very different from the girls. He is soooo relaxed and lets us do anything we need to do for him. The girls act like nail trimming is the biggest trauma in the world! But this guy lets us pick him right up most of the time, he has no problems at all getting his eye ointment 2x a day, he takes his vitamin C like a champ by opening his mouth right up for the dropper (he still isn't eating peppers yet), and he didn't like me picking at the grease on his behind one bit, but he took it like a champ. He stayed put on the counter, only squirming a little while I tried to clean off his bum. He was going after a kitchen towel to bite on while I did this, so we put a clean one in front of him. He bit on the towel while I picked at him and was overall very good. My attempts to get it off didn't work very well. It's a pretty large mass since I don't think his former family took that much care of him, so I did some research and we'll try again tonight. Poor guy.

But he lays on your lap like a cat and flattens out (or melts as we call it) and just loves to be pet. He even purred the other day! At first I thought he didn't like it because my girls burr, but they don't purr. But no, I think he was purring! And last night he put his head down flat on me and just let me rub his back. In less than 24 hours this fella had us whipped! I looked over at my husband last night and said, "I can't believe that someone didn't want him anymore. If people just took the time to properly love and care for them they would get so much more back. Their loss". He agreed.

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Updated 07-14-09 at 02:06 pm by fieryone

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  1. wheekers01's Avatar
    Aww!! He is so cute!! Glad everything is going so well! My pig "melts" too!! She just lays down and stretches out! It is soo cute! "If people just took the time to properly love and care for them they would get so much more back." I agree!!!
  2. Scout.Layne's Avatar
    Aww he sounds so cute. And looks so cute too. It's posts like these that make it so hard for me to wait to get my piggies.
  3. Toadies's Avatar
    Try rubbing some oil into the grease, let it sit for awhile and then gently try to pick or comb it out. It should work like peanut butter on gum in the hair-don't use peanut butter though.
  4. fieryone's Avatar
    I got quite a bit of it. I used Cetaphil liquid soap as suggested on guinealynx and it worked well.
  5. Peggysu's Avatar
    Oh he is cute! I have had the same experience with the boar I rescued. He's so sweet compared to my sows, runs right up to me to be pet on the head. Eats right out of my hand no problem. Sits on my lap and flattens out. Boars have such a better attitude then sows.
  6. Madame-G's Avatar
    Aww! What a cutie! I don't have a Guinea Pig yet, but it reminds me of an old show rabbit my mom used to have. And he would jump up to her and lick her toes!
  7. suzilovespiggie's Avatar
    What a handsome man! I am so glad he is all yours.
  8. guinea12's Avatar
    awww so cute
  9. horsiecutie's Avatar
    I am looking for my first guinea pig but cant find a shelter in my area for one
  10. frankie&bennie's Avatar
    He is gorgeous, what a lovely little chap!