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Okay, I apoligize if my last blog was a little offensive. I just want to learn things about guinea pigs. Everyone always calls me "The guinea pig girl". But how can I be one, if all the advice I give is wrong? So here now Cavyspirit, I have come to your site to absorb your knowlegde!

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  1. Ly&Pigs's Avatar
    My advice is for you to read, read and read. Read all the stickies at the tops of all the forums, read the special and reference forum and don't give advice to others until you learn more yourself.

    Also go to and read the medical info there. Toss any books or magazines you have about guinea pigs into the trash and start over from scratch with their care.

    I am concerned about your pigs diet. The diet plan they are on now does not sound very good. If you would like to discuss diet options with me, feel free to private message me and I will be glad to help you come up with a proper diet for these pigs.