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Interesting Facts About Guinea Pigs!

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After hours of research on not only guinea pig care but also the animals themselves, i've discovered a lot of cool things about these amazing creatures. So without further a due, here are some of my favorite guinea pig facts!

1. Guinea pigs were a large part in the contribution to the discovery of Vitamin C! As many of us know, it's essential for us to add vitamin C into our piggies' diet. That's because like human beings, guinea pigs aren't able to naturally produce this Vitamin.

2. The ancient people of Moche, and possibly some of the guinea pig cages forum members (haha), worshipped the little rodent, that is the guinea pig. The Moche people were from Peru, who had created many figures and paintings of guinea pigs, which suggested they used these animals in many ancient ceremonies.

3. The Phoberomys Patterson was an ancient animal that scientists believe were close ancestors to your guinea pigs. But here's the thing: they were 1500 pounds and stood 9 feet tall. wow! Can you imagine your guinea pig that big?

4. Guinea pig's teeth (specifically the incisors) are constantly growing throughout their entire lives. This is why it's important to get your guinea pigs some chew toys to help trim down their teeth! Failure to do so can cause a lot of pain for your guinea pig.

5. Eating poop is healthy for your guinea pig. As disgusting as this sound, it's true. There are actually Vitamin B and amino acids which are essentially for a healthy guinea pig lifestyle. Although you won't see them eat their droppings, they'll lick their butts like a dog would.

6. Guinea pigs have a very unusual sleeping schedule. Many people wrongly assume that guinea pigs are nocturnal. They aren't like humans, where we sleep for a long duration at a time. Instead, they take 20 to 30 minute naps throughout the 24 hour day. It's probably why you've seen your guinea pig up late at night.

7. No one really knows how the guinea pig got its name. They certainly aren't from New Guinea and they aren't biologically related to pigs at all. Weird.

8. A baby guinea pig is also called a puppy.

9. Guinea pigs are one of the most vocal rodents ever. They have throat that allows they to produce a wide variety and range of noises. All these sounds mean a certain thing.

10. Male guinea pigs are naturally great dancers.
In order to court a female guinea pig, a male will do what's called the "rumble strut," where it produces a common sound called the "rumble" while shaking it's hips back and forth.
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Did I miss any facts? feel free to add some more in the comments section. Here's my source.

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