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Please keep my little brother *Updated*

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Earlier, while my sister and mom were gone getting their hair done. I was putting my brother down for his nap, and I thought he had a little bit of a fever. I called my mom and she said she would check him when she got home. Not long ago, he just had a seizure. My mom is taking him to the hospital right now, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

ETA- Read fifth comment.

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Updated 07-10-09 at 07:27 pm by guineapigluver1



  1. Scout.Layne's Avatar
    I most certainly will.
  2. Peggysu's Avatar
    Most likely a febrile seizure. It's common in kids when they have a fever or get dehydrated. Hope everything turns out ok. I hope he had stopped seizing by the time your mom took him to the hospital or that he went by ambulance.
  3. BabyBellie's Avatar
    Wow that must have been so scarry for you. I hope all goes well and I will definately keep you all in my thoughts.
  4. CavyGarden's Avatar
    I'm so sorry. I will pray or him, lots okay?
  5. guineapigluver1's Avatar
    My mom said she thought it was probably because of the sudden rise in temp. (she used to be a nurse) but she wanted to be safe then sorry. I went just in case he had another seizure so he wouldn't hurt himself and he threw up on the way there. He threw up again while we were checking in, we thought it might be blood but he had red kool-aid earlier and it turns out that is what it was. He also threw up again all over me in the room when my mom went to use the bathroom. They did some testing, including an x-ray because his oxygen saturation was low but it came back fine. They also took some blood and put an iv in (a standard procedure or something for if they draw blood) because he hadn't had some shot yet. They also wanted to test his urine for a urinary tract infection, but the whole 4 and a half hours we were there he didn't pee. Of course on the way home he did. But we had some sort of pee bag and were to bring it back tomorrow if he peed later.
    His fever was 103 and before we left they tested again and it was 100.03.
    All in all he is fine. But we wanted to be sure. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!
  6. Scout.Layne's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear that he is back home and on the recovery.
  7. Peggysu's Avatar
    I'm glad he is ok, you're all in my thoughts.
  8. CavyGarden's Avatar
    I am so releaved. Happy congrads to you.:]
  9. guineapigluver1's Avatar
    He went for his follow up appointment today and he has roseola. So now we know why he had a fever etc.