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It's actually kind of fun!

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Today I babysat alone for the first time. The first two (or three? I can't remember. It was either two or three) times it was with my sister as I have babysat before by myself, but only my little siblings, not someone else's child. My sister was just across the street and was ready to come over if I needed her and I had my cell phone with me. Before she even left Amelia went down for her nap because she hadn't had a nap in the morning. So basically I watched TV, going in Amelia's room one time when she woke up to give her her pacifier and leave the room and she fell back asleep. She woke up about five to eight minutes before her mom got back she fussed a little but I went to the window with her and she calmed down and just stared outside, then I started showing her pictures that were on the wall, and then she saw her toys and we started playing. After her mom got home we gave her her snack (she did not want to sit down in her highchair when she woke up, even after her mom got back she didn't want to until we showed her the treat her mom got) and shortly after I left to come home.
Phew! I was so terrified I would have to call 911 or something, but it was fine and I feel fine doing it by myself now. It is even kinda fun!

Practice last night was the first practice in three weeks (the last one I didn't feel very good and the two before were canceled because of rain) and it was fun.
We did a drill where we had two lines, one on each side of the goal, both players going next touch the goal post and when coach blew the whistle one would run to a cone and around that and come back towards the goal to shoot a ball which coach throws out when they get there, while the other runs around the goal and comes to defend.
Then we did a drill where one person passes the ball out to where you run up to it and try to score, coach was the goalie.
Then we worked on corner kicks. He showed us a "crash" drill where the left striker (or forward) is on the left goal post, the right striker (or forward) is on the right goal post and the center striker (or forward) is near the middle out a little ways from the goal and the midfielders are either right near the goal and whenever the person who is kicking the ball, as soon as their foot makes contact with the ball, the midfielders run out, and, hopefully, pulling defenders away from the goal. The other is where the midfielders are away from the goal and as soon as the person making the corner kick makes contact with the ball we rush towards the goal. Hopefully it will work.
We didn't exactly work out how it would be since he was trying to figure it out, because if one of them was doing the corner kick that would leave three people for the goal part and only one for rushing away or towards the goal, I was going to suggest pulling a defender up to help, but I don't know if we can do it and leave only two people defending as well as the goalie. What if they get the ball during the corner kick? That leaves everyone up there trying to stop them and get the ball back and only two people defending with probably a bunch of their players.

Then we played World Cup. It was fun. What you do is each person teams up with another person and they pick a country. Someone (coach in this case) throws or kicks the ball up and out and everyone has to try and get it, before you shoot you have to yell out your country and if you don't before the ball gets in the goal, it does not count. If it does count your team gets to go sit down. The last team left is out.
You keep doing it until you have one team left and they win.

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