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Pet store cages are entirely too small

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I still have the cage that Mable's previous owners kept her in and the cage that Chicken and Waffles' previous owners kept them in; I use them as temporary cages for when I do a full cage change. The pigs are only in them for 30 minutes while we change out the cages, but they manage to pee everywhere in them. Tonight, I was measuring those 2 cages to make a liner for them so the pigs wouldn't have to be on wet newspaper when I do a full cage change out.

I was shocked at how small they actually are! The one that used to be Mable's is only 16 inches wide and 28 inches long; by the time I made the liner for it with those dimensions, it looked like the liner should be in a cat carrier instead of an actual cage! The one that used to be Chicken and Waffles' cage was even smaller at 13 inches wide and 24 inches long.

I feel guilty my pigs even had to spend part of their lives in cages like that; I know that they were all housed like that before I got them. Those are just insanely small. Especially for Chicken and Waffles; the two of them lived in that cage together for 4 months before we got them.

I hate knowing that some animals have to spend their whole lives in those dinky, ridiculous little cages

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  1. richguinea's Avatar
    wow...that is quite sad. I hope you moved them into a nice, big cage. Showing them the good life
  2. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    I'm proud to say my 6 live in three 2x5 cages. Hopefully the next place I live will be bigger so I can expand each cage to a 3x5. The pigs are always so glad to get out of those tiny cages after I've gotten their regular cages changed out.
  3. richguinea's Avatar
    im curious, what kind of pigs do you have? 6 is a lot
  4. Kiyisha's Avatar
    I agree that is really sad, when I got my boys (we got them from petsmart before i even KNEW about guinea pig mills!!!) We got them a store bought cage (we didn't know any better and the employees there were useless in the subject ) and they had to live in it for about a month and I felt just awful, I gave them lots of floor time in a puppy playpen we got that was maybe 8 square feet (small) we don't have a house with room for real floor time (though we're moving soon YAY ^_^) and I just felt terrible, finally we built a 2x4 C&C that will be a 2x6 with a 2x2 loft once we move out but I can't IMAGINE putting them back in the cage we got them in, I had to put them in there for an hour and a half today because I had to wash the fleece and uhaul (we only have one blanket unfortunately can't afford to buy another yet money has been rough to say the least) I can't imagine leaving them in that tiny cage for more than just a transport or a cage cleaning! LOL But I don't regret the purchase I use it every time i clean their cage, or when we take them somewhere, it's their "carrier" so to speak
  5. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    @richguinea I have 2 neutered boys and 4 girls. Guinness and Trudy are a pair, Spuds and Mable are a pair, and Cherry and Marybell are a female pair. 6 is a lot, but they're definetly worth it. All of them are adopted or rescued, so I feel like I've made a difference in their lives.
    @Kiyisha That's about all those cages are really good for: carriers or temporary cages
  6. richguinea's Avatar
    I'm always a huge advocator of adopting or rescuing guinea pigs! Those guinea pigs need proper care as well! Great job! But, I was wondering what type of species they were. Here is a convenient list of common guinea pig breeds if you're not sure. I actually own a silkie and an abyssinian! If i had the time and money to raise 6 different guinea pigs, i'd probably get one of each breed haha
  7. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    I'm sorry, I misinterpreted your question 5 of them are American shorthairs, and 1 is an Abyssinian.
  8. BaconAndEggs's Avatar
    This post makes me want to cry, my poor piggies are in a Pet Store cage just like that! I feel like I'm abusing them... :'(
    But hopefully my parents will get me a C&C cage for Christmas, I've been dropping hints like crazy. If I don't get one for Christmas, I'm going to be more forceful.
  9. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    @BaconAndEggs Having a small cage to start out with is a pretty common thing; I did the same thing when I got my first pigs. It's how we learn from our mistakes that counts Best of luck getting your C&C cage!
  10. BaconAndEggs's Avatar
    Thank you for your kind words.
  11. GuineaPiggies7's Avatar
    Your such a awesome piggie owner!
  12. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    Aww, thank you @GuineaPiggies7