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14 free Uhaul pads

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I went to the Uhaul store in town the other day to see if they had any of the recycled denim pads. Since the University of Iowa campus is downtown, all the students are getting ready to move back and Uhaul had stocked up on moving supplies. There were piles of rental furniture pads sitting outside, so we talked to an employee asking if we could have the old rentals when they were ready to throw them away. The employee said he would talk to his manager and get back to us.

We didn't hear from them, so we stopped in tonight. The employee that was on duty said that because they had left a bunch of the rental pads out in the rain, we could take them all for free. We ended up with 14 free pads! The majority are brand-new even. After a quick stop at the Laundromat, these pads are ready to use! I'm glad we stopped in tonight! Name:  uhaulpads.jpg
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    Wow thats great!