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Craigslist Ad

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I was up late last night looking through Craigslist to kill sometime and I saw an a listing from the 15th titled "Free Pair of Guinea Pigs." I clicked on the ad and all it said was "Pair of male guinea pigs. Cream color. 7 inches long." There weren't any pictures, so I'm sure the person didn't care what happened to the pigs.

I wanted to get the pigs and foster them so they wouldn't end up in some horrible place, so we emailed and texted the lister today like the ad said to and never heard back from him. I was looking back through Craigslist this evening and saw the ad had been taken down

Those poor pigs; I just hope they went somewhere decent. I wish I had been on Craigslist the day before yesterday and seen the ad sooner.

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  1. piggiepigstv's Avatar
    Ohh those poor guinea pigs! Hopefully they went to a loving home.