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Guinea pig funny

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It was time for my apartment's yearly inspection today, and after the guy came through and tested all the smoke-detectors, he asked me if those were guinea pigs I had in the second bedroom. I told him yes and he asked if I sheer them and spin their fur into yarn.

I was half-tempted to say "Of course I sheer my short-haired guinea pigs; their fur makes the plushiest sweaters!"

Non-guinea pig people have no idea of the secret world of guinea pig owners

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  1. sinisterpigs's Avatar
    Lol thats funny, my friend has a long haired piggy and I think her hair might be long enough to do just that with, shes also a huge piggy, but that is funny I have had people ask if they are related to tea cup pigs?? I am always like no their cavys but people still think that they are like swine related. Hmm I just dont know thank you for sharing your story super cute
  2. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    I went to an antique store a while back and they had a free range lionhead bunny in the store. The owner told me they sheer the bunny when its fur gets to a certain length and spin its fur into yarn. I think that's what gave me the idea for the retort

    Lol, I've never heard of someone asking if guinea pigs are related to teacup pigs. That's hilarious