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Traveling with my guinea pig.

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I have looked up a lot of information on traveling with your piggy but I'm still not quiet sure if it is safe, or even a good idea to do so. I am thinking of moving to my boyfriend's apartment, but the thing is that he lives about 8+ hours from where I currently live. I only have one piggy, she would be traveling with my dog (not in the same cage/carrier of course). She hasn't traveled much, so I know that I would have to go at it slowly. Any information given is appreciated.

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  1. sinisterpigs's Avatar
    Hi I am kind of a new piggy mommy but I do know that for traveling with piggys make sure to keep your car in their comfort range 75-80 degrees I believe and make sure she has some hay and plenty of water and I think you should be good, if she is not upset I would assume your good to go, but maybe when you stop for you and your puppy to potty maybe get her out and give her cuddles, I hope I helped if I posted something wrong please let me know I am here to learn too and good luck on your move that sounds exciting
  2. Gari323's Avatar
    We took 2 of our guineas with us on a 3 hour car ride on vacation. I set them up in the hotel with a huge area to run around in. They hated it. They seemed stoic the whole time. I will never take them anywhere again. I think that my thought process was similar to when I had my dog: take my furry pal where ever we go as a family because they're part of the family. But guineas are not like dogs; they prefer to be sheltered and for the most part live apart from the humans. We have 4 and each one has their own personality: only one really enjoys the cuddling. So I have to be more aware of what makes them comfortable, and for our guineas, that mean staying at home. They enjoy our back yard romp and their play area indoors and that's the extent of their travel time LOL
  3. richguinea's Avatar
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  4. HarryGill's Avatar
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