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I am trying to become a Cavy Rescue. Asking people for advice, and learning new things is why I started on this site. But people are so harsh with their comments, I mean they expect the new people to know everything, and comprehend everything! Some people aren't even moderators and their tones on here are so harsh.

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  1. Ly&Pigs's Avatar
    No we don't expect people to know everything. But you are here, I thought to learn. Instead of learning you are giving questionable advice and sometimes bad advice which this site will NOT tolerate. I understand you have been getting some of your info out of books. Throw the books in the trash and LEARN the proper ways of doing things, stop giving bad advice until you learn more about pigs, and be open to what people are telling you.

    These blogs aren't here for you to post your disgruntled feeling towards this forum.