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Getting a foster today

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Today, I'm going to pick up a foster pig. Last month, we rescued his brother from the same person; she had him on Craigslist for rehoming so he would be "One less mouth to feed." We gave him to a friend of the family. When she has some space, she's going to take the new foster as well. He'll be so happy to see his brother again.

The one I'm getting today and the one we got last month are Peruvians, but for some reason the lady shaved them She also said they're both are nibblers, but I think it's because they're so uncomfortable with their fur shaved. I remember the first one we got from her would just shake every time he was held.

From the ad, it looks like she's getting rid of all but 2 of her pigs. I wish I could save them all.

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  1. hartzequinn23's Avatar
    good, i wish you would be able to rescue them all too my guinea pig i got from a previous owner who didn't know at all how to take care of them now both are fat and happy i bought them a log the other day and the were more interested in the box than the actual thing
  2. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    It looks like she's decided to get rid of all of them now. This poor piggy shakes and trembles when he's held, too Come to think of it, she never even told me his name or acted like she cared about where he was going or anything.

    We named him Ramone though since he looks like a little punk rocker and we're fans of the Ramones.