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Merry Christmas and heaven help me!!!!

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Everyone is in their vacation cages. And it is craziness.

the girls kept everyone in the room up with their bickering.
George who usually never even looks in the direction of the girls is going insane with rumbling strutting, jumping on top of his hides, and generally being a nut.

my sweet patch is being his normal active self.

There wasn't an easy way to do their cage situation. I did not think it fair to the boys to have their cages not be side

otherwise i I would have make the girls section larger and put one of the boys in the store bought travel cage.

That is still an option I guess. patch is such a happy little boy.he blooms where he is planted.

I will ill give the girls today to see if they do any better. George seems more calm when Joanie is not in the cage with raven. But of course raven goes crazy when Joanie is not in the cage with her.

I hate vacationing with pigs. Especially when it is a family event and involves 3 people sharing a room and zero space otherwise.
as I sit here watching them I thin maybe I should move George bought cage. I have never seen him this agitated.

oh btw... Merry Christmas

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