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"She's just a rodent"

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My mom has had Peanutbutter for a month now; she was one of the babies petco had for sale that someone bought and then returned when she was wasn't gaining weight. One of the petco vets put her on antibiotics for URI and they adopted her out. Her lungs are pretty scarred from the infection, and when we took her to our vet he said she wasn't moving any air in or out. He suggested we get a nebulizer for her to help when she has trouble breathing.

My older brother is a pharmacy tech at CVS and said that they do have a nebulizer for sale at the store. But then he added that it would cost $120 with the medication and that it was a lot to spend when "she's just a rodent."

She's not "just a rodent"; she's a beloved pet. Peanutbutter deserves the same care as his dog does, and she's going to get everything to give her the best quality of life possible.

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  1. GuineaPigster's Avatar
    I hate it when this happens!!
  2. ThePigAlchemist's Avatar
    People that rank animals like that don't deserve to have animals in their lives at all.
  3. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    It made me so sad to hear that from my brother. I thought he would be more understanding of what the pigs mean to us
  4. GuineaPigster's Avatar
    My dad once said that he would pay for my younger sister's dog's vet care, but not for my guinea pig because ''There's a difference. The guinea pigs aren't the same.''
  5. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    That's not cool. Guinea pigs feel pain too and are entitled to as much care as any dog.
  6. khw10's Avatar
    People are SO stupid
  7. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    My second cousin said the same thing last night To make it worse, we called another vet about having some x-rays done and she said they couldn't do it and to take Peanutbutter back to petco!

    She's not defective merchandise; she deserves medical care.
  8. daisy1cow's Avatar
    Your brother is just a big poopyhead!! LOL, Im holding Peanut Butter now, she is such a sweet cuddly pig. She's just chillin on chest, just took her pill like a champ and had a dose of inhaler and is breathing a bit better. She looks at me so thankfully for trying everything to help her. Shes a sweet girl
  9. GuineaPigParty's Avatar
    That hurts...

    I am so sorry this happened.

    Money can just rip you in two.

  10. daisy1cow's Avatar
    And btw, I am poopyheads mom, so I can call him that!!! hehehehe. He'd do anything for his beagle and my gpigs are no different to me. I would anything for PB, she doesn't deserve to suffer or just be taken back and pawned off on someone else
  11. PiggieWigglies's Avatar
    So your brother wont give you the nebulizer? Whats the problem here?
  12. daisy1cow's Avatar
    no, he will sell it to us, but he thought it was silly spending a little over a hundred dollars on "just a rodent" We don't believe it is respiratory with PB though. She has been on meds for over 30 days and no one else (and I have 5 other pigs) have NEVER gotten sick. Maybe a heart problem?? I read it mimics URI, she has all the symptoms but the blue lips. Shes a mystery
  13. GuineaPigster's Avatar
    Have you X-rayed her?? The heart issues would show up.
  14. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    We want to get some X-Rays done soon. Petco said they would reimburse some of the money we've spent on her vet care, so we're still waiting on the check from them to pay for the X-Rays.
  15. GuineaPigster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by spudsthepiget
    We want to get some X-Rays done soon. Petco said they would reimburse some of the money we've spent on her vet care, so we're still waiting on the check from them to pay for the X-Rays.
    That's good!
  16. piggi_zone's Avatar
    I cant believe the vet would say something like that. How insensitive coming from the vet.
  17. daisy1cow's Avatar
    Yeah, but it is small town Iowa, rural country and thats just how the do it there. Animals are animals. BUT....... we did get xrays. Peanutbutters heart is not in the middle of her chest, its all pushed to the right side. Her left lung is collapsed so the only good lung she has it being smooshed under her heart. How crazy is that? So we've called the University of Northern Iowa as they have an excellent small animal teaching school and the vet there was amazing. She said she wants to see the xrays to determine if it is from infection or congenital and may be able to re inflate that lung! Im so excited, now there is hope for this little fighter. I pray she can be the pig she wants to be.
  18. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    Sorry, I actually meant the receptionist at the vet's office said to return her. But still for someone that works in a vet's office, that's an awful thing to say.
  19. Krisems's Avatar
    How is PB doing now? I hope she's feeling much better.
  20. daisy1cow's Avatar
    Peanut Butter crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Friday. She was home with me and I held and sang to her. She knows she was loved and I did everything I could for her. I had her cremated and she is back home where she belongs.
    We both fought so hard but in the end her little heart just couldn't do it. I miss her dearly, but know she is eating all the veggies she can and finally being able to popcorn, something she had never been able to do here on earth.
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