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A Sad Story

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The other day I was invited over to one of my friends family parties. While I was there I noticed that they had a bag of hay (that was very brown and the bag was open) I asked if they had any pets and they had told me they had 4 guinea pigs. I asked if I could see them because I myself had some piggies. They have me an odd look but they showed me them, the cage they were in was wasn't even a cage it was a very small container when I went to pick up one of the piggies the owners flipped out saying I wasn't allowed to touch there animals food. I was very confused until i learned that they had a very large snake that they have been feeding guinea pigs too. I started to feel tears fill my eyes but I knew i couldn't cry so I held back my tears and went off on the people. I felt bad because the words i were using weren't very nice but I didn't care. By the end of my rant I had all the guinea pigs in my car and was on my way to the vet. One of them did need to be put down because of how ill he was and how old (they believed he was 5 or more) My boyfriend and I brought the other ones to my moms house because we don't have the room for 3 guinea pigs. It was a very stressful day but I'm just happy I was able to save a few piggies from an awful life.

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  1. Dessypoobear's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by guineapighater
    You are a troll please stay off this forum
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  2. guineapigboomya's Avatar
    That is not right!!!! Thank you for saving some piggies
  3. hydrophilia's Avatar
    thanks for caring so much about the welfare of those poor unfortunate guinea pigs. Troll or not, I hope that more people save guinea pigs from apathetic people who abuse guinea pigs or use them for food.
  4. iluvmyguinea26's Avatar
    It made my day knowing a couple of guinea pigs have been saved(: