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The Literature Piggies [ie. Bert + Ernie]

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On the 2nd July 2013, I was given an amazing gift (the best gift ever, in fact): a cardboard box.

Okay, so it wasn’t the box that made the gift so great. It was what was inside it- my two adorable boys, Bert and Ernie! For the literature-savvy, that’s Robert Heinlein and Ernest Hemingway; to those of us who aren’t avid readers, they’re the “two brothers from the Muppets”. See, I cater to all audiences… :P Here's a pic of the two, the first time I saw them:

If we stay really still, the human won’t notice us, Bert!

At first, because they were a surprise, I had to make do with the provisions my boyfriend had kindly prepared: a small outdoor hutch, water supplements, budget hay and pellets and very little room to run around (at the time we were staying at his parents’ house, and they dictated when and where floor time could be made). From the outset I did not like this arrangement, and as the piggies grew larger I became increasingly aware they needed more space. I couldn’t wait for the tenancy at my university flat to start so that I could move them in (having already gained approval from my landlord)- I was planning to build them a 2 x 4 cage with a 2 x 1 loft!

A little over a week ago, they officially moved into my university flat and their brand new cage. The change has been literally amazing; they’re more confident, more tame, happier and just outright more comfortable! Things have been in my control, and they have a high quality pellet and hay, the supplements have stopped, the veggies have increased and the floor time is daily! I’m happy, they’re happy- there’s happiness all round!

What do you mean we’re a lot bigger than we used to be, human? We’re big-boned and beautiful, that’s all!

Chillin’ like a villain, Shelbz- you better not disturb me!

Sure, I’ll pose for veggies. I consider this my “good” side..

It’s going to be a strange, weird and wonderful journey. I’m going to study for my final year (in English Lit & Language), keep working part-time at the nearby self-storage place, and look after my piggies while maintaining a hectic student social life. This blog will chronicle my ups and my downs, but most of all, it will chronicle my two amazing new additions to the family. I couldn’t imagine life without them now that they’re here!

The two literature boys, Bert and Ernie.

Caio for now! xox

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