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Small victory for me

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As much as I hate to, I had to go into petco yesterday to get more pellets. Once I start making more money from subbing, I'm going to start buying KMS pellets. But anyway, as I walked past the guinea pigs, I heard a mom say to her kids, "What do you think about these exercise balls?" that were strategically placed above the guinea pigs. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop on her (honestly) I was just standing next to her when I heard her say that.

I have social anxiety when talking with people, and "Should I? Shouldn't I?" shot through my head as I debated whether I should say anything to her. Before I really knew it, I found myself saying "Excuse me," to her. My voice trembled a little at first, but as I explained to her why exercise balls are so bad, and she agreed to what I was saying, I stopped trembling. When I got done telling her, she said, "We won't be buying one of these, then."

While I was talking to her and her kids, my mom ironically ended up talking to her husband about fleece at the same time. I'm pretty she made a believer out of him. On my way out, she asked if there was any piggy wisdom I could share with her, and I told her "C&C cages. Check out, they have some awesome info!"

While I didn't take down petco or anything, this was a small victory for me. I left the store feeling motivated and like I could accomplish anything.

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