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Worried about moving!

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We are moving this weekend. I HATE moving with a passion. However, my family has completely outgrown this apartment! Five people in a small two bedroom apartment is way too much! My kids are getting older, so it's time to upgrade! We found a NICE four bedroom house in our price range. Super excited about it! Even has a fenced in back yard that I plan to not only let my kids run in but also set up a play pen for my pigs since it is untreated grass! I'm really nervous, my older two kids are in Alabama with their "dad". I decided to let them stay there until we move so that it is easier on them. I don't want them coming home just to have to move again in a day or two! I'm also nervous for my guinea pigs! I will be doing introductions once we move, to hopefully be able to house all four of my boars in the same cage! I'm going to keep them separate for a couple days until we get settled in obviously, but will intro them once things calm down some! I'm super nervous about that. I really hope the move and the introductions go good! I will be doing more research on moving with guinea pigs, and kids !

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  1. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    Good luck with intros; I've got my fingers crossed for you! Also, congratulations on your new place! I know how much moving bites, especially when you have to carry a tile-top kitchen table up 3 flights of stairs, but once you get everything moved in and you see how well it comes together, it's all worth it!
  2. aspecht's Avatar
    LOL! Yeah we moved from an upstairs apartment into a house so it sucked moving everything BACK down the steps. Now I have a sick guinea pig on top of it!!