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My fur kids

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I always end up talking about the pigs wherever I go; they are my babies and whenever people start talking about their kids, I always think "Guinness can do this," or "Spuds is such a sassy boy." The other day, I was putting the deposit down on my new apartment, I ended up talking about the pigs again.

They are my babies, and I love them very much! All of my pets are my children, and the piggies are, too. I'm so glad they came into my life; I feel like they understand me so much more than people do. In October, I'll have had them all for a year. It seems like they've been with me for years now.

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  1. Guinea_lover327's Avatar
    awww.....same here i LOVE!! my 2 guinea pigs to death and i have everyone referring to them as my kids lol, i love taking care of them and seeing them popcorn and buying things from the fleece store with the free money i earn at [url][/url] for completing free surveys,and offers lol