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Most likely keeping the fosters

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In April, I rescued 2 boys, Chicken and Waffles, from a bad home; they were living in a tiny, filthy cage with an exercise wheel meant for a dwarf hamster. I put them on guineapigzone a couple times and although i got a lot of encouraging comments, there wasn't much interest in the boys. I was asked to ship them to Hawaii, and one gal emailed me, but never emailed me back.

Finally, after the second time putting them on guineapigzone, a gal emailed me and was very excited about them. She wanted them to be her 2 year old daughter's first pets (and as the little got older, she would take on more responsibilities.) she said she would take them the second week of July after she got back from vacation.

I waited around, and emailed her again when the second week of July rolled around, but she didn't get back to me. She finally did a few days ago and said she was dealing with a death in the family. She didn't come out and say she doesn't want them, but I don't think now is the right time for her. I don't want to force pets on her while she's dealing with tragedy right now.

My mom has grown attached to Chicken and Waffles and she said she will keep them. I'm moving out next month, and my mom will be all alone, so in a way, it works out. I know my mom will take great care of them and she loves them a lot. Even though we didn't plan on this when we rescued Chicken and Waffles, I'm happy with the outcome.

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