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The path to vegan

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So I'm currently a vegetarian, looking to go vegan. I've been attempting to have vegan days every tuesday, as my cousin and I go to the library every tuesday from 5pm-9pm and there's a subway nearby where I can easily get a vegan dinner.
Anyways, for July, I've added another vegan day, this time on Saturday. It was much more difficult having to eat vegan at home, but I did it!
I had a yummy smoothie with strawberries, bananas and soy milk, and a berry/almond granola bar for breakfast, lots of peanut butter and crackers for lunch, and pasta for dinner! I even made a trip to starbucks and got a mocha frapp with soy My first successful, at home, vegan day!
Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon enough and will be able to add a third day!

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