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Guinea pig love

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I recently posted about my two piggies with special needs, Trudy and Guinness. Trudy has developed arthritis and Guinness is blind from cataracts. I worry about them both, more so Trudy. Sometimes, she just lays in her house all day. The vet gave me some pain meds for her the other day and I gave her a dose yesterday.

Today, I saw her out of the house, all over the cage! She was still sassy with her water bottle, and when Guinness took her timothy cube, she got up and took it right back from him.

Right after I found out Guinness is blind, I was holding him and he started licking my chin. They always know just how to comfort me when I'm worried about them. It's like their way of saying to me, "Everything will be alright, we'll get through this."

Guinea pig love is a many splendid thing!

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