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I'm pigsitting!

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One of my friends is out of town with her boyfriend and won't be back for 5 days, so I'm watching her 3 guinea pigs and dog. With her 3, my 2 fosters and then my 5, we have 10 guinea pigs, 2 parakeets, a dog and a pet rock in my house! I feel like the crazy guinea pig lady of my street.

My friend really loves her pigs, but it's so hard for me not to point out some of the incorrect things. Like, she feeds them pellets with the colored bits and seeds, and she used to feed them yogurt drops. Is there a way I could tell her this without sounding like I'm trying to put her down, or like I'm criticizing? I know she doesn't have the space in her house for C&C cages, but I think she's planning on moving soon. I've been hinting for her to join the forum, too, but no such luck.

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