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My Rescue Centre

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To those of you who don't know, I don't currently have piggies because my boyfriend lost his family dog of 14 years, after she was suffering for about 6 months. He feels getting another pet would replace her and really doesn't want any more pets right now, which of course I understand. But you as a fellow guinea pig addict will understand that I still watch youtube clips on piggies, go to pets shops and look at supplies and long for piggies of my own.

I thought a healthy way of helping with my addiction of piggies would be to help out at a rescue centre :P
Since I was about 6 years old I've wanted to work with animals. I've worked in Chester Zoo, yes, THE Chester Zoo (UK), I dog walked, I've worked with Guide Dogs for The Blind, I've worked in a Pet Shop, I've owned 4 dogs, 3 rabbits, and six guinea pigs in the past, along with fish and two hamsters. I currently own three cats (well - they live with my mum now I've moved out) who I love to pieces. So as you can see I'm an animal lover. My University course is also animal/biology based xD

My nearest rescue where they have piggies as well as other animals is actually just outside my city, which is a pain but I can get 2 buses there and 2 buses back. I signed up to be a volunteer there about a month ago and the woman was lovely and excited to have me on board. They have cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs & birds and sometimes get farm animals in and wild animals such as hedgehogs. I went yesterday to prove my identity etc and fill in forms and get my dog walking pass, so I'm pretty excited about that. They want me to walk the dogs, help in the cattery and with the small animals. EXCITING. Gonna have to put money aside for a bus pass haha but I'm sure it'll all be worth it. If I had a car I'd foster guinea pigs! So next Saturday.... 20th April 2013 ;) I will be working there for the whole day.
My boyfriend and mum are really supportive of me wanting to work with animals, but sadly my grandparents wish I was doing something with humans, they always tell me I should be a nurse >__> Which is ridiculous to say because if they knew me at all they'd know I really really hate blood and needles and always faint. I'd be a terrible nurse.

Having said that, went my cat had kittens (we rescued her pregnant) I was the only person in the house and I never fainted at the sight of them, I just kind of swayed ahaha, had to cut their umbilical cords and everything!!

if you live in the UK and anywhere near me in the NORTHWEST, then please do check out my rescue centre!
They also have a branch in Wales, but I'm not sure where about it is exactly.
And if you live in the UK and like me wish there was a GuineaPigZone which advertised UK guinea pigs for adoption, then maybe have a look on this UK site?

Add me if you want to discuss supplies etc in the UK :)
Thank you

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