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I want piggies

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I've had piggies in the past,
but I would like to own some now.
My boyfriend has been saying no for like a month, however, I recently worked out why he's been telling me I can't have piggies. His dog has been ill for months, his dog lives in his mum's house, the family dog, 14 years old.
Yesterday she had to be put down, her body no longer able to stand, eat or function in any way. He's distraught.
I now know that he feels if we got a pet in our flat, it'd be like we got a pet to forget that his dog has gone, to replace her.

I love dogs.
and I understand.
So I will wait patiently until he feels he can have a pet and then get piggies.
Plus, we're moving flat soon!

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  1. spudsthepiget's Avatar
    You're so sweet! It's hard to lose a beloved pet, and I'm sure he thanks you for the support. I'm sure he'll warm up to the idea of getting some guinea pigs soon, after he's had some time.

    My condolences for for his dog. i lost my dog last year and i know how hard it is.
  2. Kelsie's Avatar
    I'm so sorry about your boyfriends dog. To lose a pet that has been in your life for 14 years brings on quite a lot of emotional feelings. You are so smart to just be supportive and patient while he works through this difficult time. When you feel the time is right maybe tell him that that opening up his heart and home to another pet in need would be a wonderful way to honor the memory of his beloved dog. Of course, no pet will ever replace the one he lost. When the first dog I ever owned passed away, I was heartbroken and felt that I could never love another dog in the same way. I grieved so, but then I got my Yorkie, Shawna, and the love affair started all over. I was blessed to have had her for 21 years.

    I wish the best to both of you. I just know you will be a wonderful piggy owner.
  3. addictivejuliet's Avatar
    @spudsthepiget & @Kelsie: awh thanks a bunch lovelies xox