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Happy Pigaversary, Sheldon!

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Today is Sheldon's 1 year Pigaversary!

He's come such a long way since I got him. He was such a sad little pig when I went to pick him up from his previous owner. He was in a laundry bin which I think he was in for a while in a dark and musky unfinished basement. I remember picking him up and he was so scared. His little eyes were all red and inflamed. Upon bringing him home I saw that he had a big bloody gash on his back and lice. His nails weren't clipped in so long.

Now he's my big special boy! He's gained weight and he's so happy now! I really think he does know that I saved him. He seems so grateful for everything. He's shy, but he's such a little love bug. He's so cuddly and loves his kisses. I can't get over how far he's come. <3

He's such a good friend to Penny and puts up with her naughty ways.

I am so thankful for my little choco boy. I hope we have many more anniversaries together! <3

Happy Pigaversary, Sheldon!!

Here are a few pics of Penny so she doesn't feel left out!

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  1. YourSoJelly's Avatar
    Happy 1 year Pigaversary! Hi Penny!