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Excitement in the house...

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We are preparing for our new and upcoming foster pig. She is from an ex breeder that "wanted out". She'll be with us for a minimum of two months as she is on pregnancy watch, so we might have babies in our house!

She doesn't have a name as the breeder only named her prize male.

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Here she is at the rescue. She comes to us (weather permitting) on friday (the 16th). I'm still thinking up a list of names for her.

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  1. SingMeAHarmony's Avatar
    She's beautiful!
  2. AlyMad's Avatar
    She's absolutely beautiful.
    you could name her Audrey, that's what I was going to name mine but I got a boy instead.
  3. Bannister's Avatar
    Omg she looks like a little bumblebee!! <333333