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How this site has changed me.

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When I first got my pigs they were from a breeder, they lived in a hutch and had terrible bedding. One day I was searching on the internet and discovered this site. I read and learned the proper care of guinea pigs, about C&C cages, about fleece and many other amazing things. Now my piggies are happily popcorning in their 2x4 C&C cage.
This site has changed my pigs life and mine for the better. I used to have no knowledge in pigs, now I get messaged daily of people asking for piggy help. Owning pigs has also inspired me to in future become a small animals vet.

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  1. YourSoJelly's Avatar
    Your girls are so cute! I want to be a vet too but a large animal/exotic/small animal vet. I wish to dabble in the arts! This site has changed everyone i believe.
  2. Kelsie's Avatar
    Your piggies are gorgeous. Don't give up on your dream to become a veterinarian. I have such respect for those who dedicate their lives to helping those who cannot speak.
  3. MochaAndMoo's Avatar
    Thank yous both And I hope I don't ever give up my dream.
  4. GuineaPigs98's Avatar
    Great piggies!Your pigs were screaming for help in that breeders house, and now they're in paradise!Never give up your dream to be a vet.Like YourSoJelly, I dream to become a large/small/exotic pet veterinarian. Research now, and find out what you need to do to make your dreams come true! Your pigs look very happy + cute!
  5. ChadWPB's Avatar
    This site was instrumental in our guinea pig renaissance of 2003. We had three pigs each housed alone in small aquariums. We printed the instructions for C&C cages and started pairing up our pigs.

    Life as a piggie at our place got a whole lot better!

    Becoming a vet is a lot of hard work but ultimately very rewarding work.