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Hair cut, bath and nails.. oh no....

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Hair cut, bath and nails.. oh no....
By Reko

Mommy has been on a mission, and the Schimpf pigs (myself
included) have been very very quite hoping we will be passed over.
So far its working.. but I am starting to think its because we don't
need any.. *shudders* grooming.

Mr. B on the other hand... well lets just say, poor poor piggie.

First she started out with a hair cut:



Hair pile:

After he was taken out of the room, I heard the water going...
I know what that means. Here is a photo I found on Mommy's

Apparently he rather enjoyed the snuggle/dry off time.

Then I heard the dremel. I loath that thing, it tickles my little paws
and from what I've been hearing mommy say, Mr. B has ticklish
paws too!

The finish product of all this was a clean piggie, oh the horror.

At least he got some treats, it almost makes it worth it.. almost.

For now we are hiding so no photos of us, I hope you all
understand, we just don't want baths and all that.

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  1. ellisa's Avatar
    Aww, I love that last picture!!
  2. Guinea_lover327's Avatar
    awwww thats just adorable..i love how well you take care of your guinea pigs
  3. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    @ellisa isn't he adorable!

    @Guinea_lover327 Thank you very much
  4. MissJean's Avatar
    How in the world do you cut her hair so evenly? I would love a video tutorial. My silkie looks just awful after a trim. I can't even photograph him during these periods, for I am so ashamed!
  5. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    LOL I only trim the hair that is on the floor. Bedhead's owner trimmed the top (he is a peruvian) so he can see. I have a step by step here:
  6. Taylor's Avatar
    LOL cool but my guinea pigs don`t have that much hair they have it normal so they don`t need a haircut yet
  7. acydrose's Avatar
    I wish I got my hair cut like that He's beautiful ! and so is the narrator Reko of course.